Provokers are:

Positive Rebels

Provokers are holy discontented! We do not accept today’s “state of the union” of Western Christianity. Provokers want change. Provokers want to be disciples. No compromise. No excuses.


Provokers think differently about pluralism. Not everything in the same gray, but a bright world of different colors living together. Provokers proudly wear their Christian color and offer offer willingly to share it with others, while living in the world respectfully with all other colours.


We know we are not perfect. Provokers know that their heart is the battlefield where the great “I AM” fights the idols they serve. Do you? Knowing your enemy is the first step to victory. Provokers give the Holy Spirit permission to destroy their idols. It costs – but leads step by step to discipleship. And to the Master telling us: “Well done, good and faithful servant”. What a joy!


How can an army win the battle if the generals do not agree on which weapons to use? Or even reject and fight one another because of slightly different uniforms? A quote attributed to the church father Augustine says “In essentials, unity - in non-essentials, liberty - in all things, love and respect.” Provokers are apostles of unity and challenge you to be the same.


Jesus went to the poor, the sick, the lonely, the rejected. He opened his arms to the world! Provokers leave their comfort zone to do the same. No safe little club, but adventure, taking the risk – we know the promises our Lord made!


Provokers love quality. Look at the creation, the marvel of a sunrise, the delicate design of a flower, of a butterfly… People not knowing the Lord must be impressed by our “Heavenly Quality”.

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